Mechanically Actuated Valves
S3R06 S3R08 S3B S3C S3D S3V S3R S3L S3Y S3PM S3PP S3PF S3PL S3HS AIRTAC SS3 Series Pneumatic Control Solenold Valve
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S3R06 S3R08 S3B S3C S3D S3V S3R S3L S3Y S3PM S3PP S3PF S3PL S3HS AIRTAC SS3 Series Pneumatic Control Solenold Valve

Product Name:S3 Series Pneumatic Solenoid Valve
Product Model:S3B S3C S3D S3V S3R S3L S3Y S3PM S3PP S3PF S3PL S3HS S3R06 S3R08
Valve Type:Solenold Valve, Pneumatic Control Valve
Fluid: Air
Position & Way Number:3 Port 2 Position
Acting: External control direct acting type

Fluid: Air(to be filtered by 40μm filter element)
Acting: External control direct acting type
Port Size: 05: M5; 06: PT1/8; 08:PT1/4
Orifice Size: 05:2.5mm²(Cv=0.14); 06:8.0mm²(Cv=0.45); 08:12.0mm²(Cv=0.67)
Valve Type: 3 Port 2 Position
Operating Pressure: 0~0.8MPa(0~114psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.5MPa(215psi)
Temperature: -20~70℃
Material of Body: Aluminum Alloy
Lubrication: Not Required

① PT thread,NPT thread and G thread are available.
② Once lubricated air is used,continue with same medium to optimise valve life span. Lubricants like ISO VG32 or equivalent recommended.

Product Feature:

1.The external force required by changing the direction of the series of S3B, S3R, S3L and S3V is provided by external mechanism, which can be used for position test or limit switch. 

2.The series of S3PF, S3PM, S3PP, S3PL, S3Y, S3HS, S3C and S3D are operated manually, owning control joints with several structure forms and suitable for application under different conditions. 

3.Shut-off structure has good tightness and is sensitive in direction changing and lubricant is not necessary. 

4.Multi-mounting makes it convenient to install and apply.

5.The control joints of series of S3C, S3D, S3Y, S3R and S3L are made of metal which has long service life and more reliable and steady performance.

Installation & Usage:

1)The control set is made of engineering plastic which only allows manual operation and switching valves through metal impact is forbidden.

2)The series of S3B, S3C, S3D, S3PM, S3PF and S3PP get the function of automatic restoration. The hand valves of S3Y, S3HS and S3PL are in the type of manual restoration. S3PL will be restored by turning the revolve button after being pressed into orientation.

3)Pay attention to the reversing stroke. The reversing stroke can not surpass its stoke stipulated in stroke control table when the direction-change of the valve is forced by any external forces,otherwise it will cause the damage of the valve.

4)The S3L can only switch the valve in single direction (impact from right to left). The impact from the other direction is invalid (from left to right).

5)Control joint combination can be ordered individually. Please refer to the table on the right for order details.

Order Code:
S3CM5 M5PP21008B S3PM06G 4L11006 3L11006T S3L06
S3C06 4L31010 S3PM-06-R S3BM5 3L21006G M5PF11006R
S3C08 M5PF21008B S3PM-06-B S3PFM5G 3L21006T M5PM11006R
S3DM5 M5PM21008B S3PL06 S3PF-M5-R_1C3178 3L21008G M5PP21006B
S3D06 M5PP21008R S3HS06G S3PF-M5-B_1C3179 3L21008T 4L21008
S3D08 M5PF21008R S3HS06RG S3PPM5G 3L31008G S3B08
S3YM5 M5PM21008R S3HS-06-B_1C3212 S3PP-M5-R_1C3187 3L31008T S3PF-08-B_1C3185
S3Y06 3L11006G S3PM06RG S3PMM5G 3L31010G S3PP08G
S3Y08 3L11006T S3L06 S3PM-M5-R_1C3196 3L31010T S3PP-08-R_1C3193
4L11006 3L21006G M5PF11006R S3PM-M5-B_1C3197 4L11006G S3PP-08-B_1C3194
S3BM5 3L21006T M5PM11006R S3PLM5 4L11006T S3PM08G
S3PFM5G 3L21008G M5PP21006B S3HSM5G 4L21006G S3PL08
S3PF-M5-R_1C3178 3L21008T 4L21008 S3HS-M5-R_1C3208 4L21006T S3HS08G
S3PF-M5-B_1C3179 3L31008G S3B08 S3RM5 4L21008G S3PM08RG
S3PPM5G 3L31008T S3PF-08-B_1C3185 S3LM5 4L21008T S3L08
S3PP-M5-R_1C3187 3L31010G S3PP08G S3VM5 4L31008G M5PF21006B
S3PMM5G 3L31010T S3PP-08-R_1C3193 S3V06 4L31008T M5PM21006B
S3PM-M5-R_1C3196 4L11006G S3PP-08-B_1C3194 S3V08 4L31010G M5PP21006R
S3PM-M5-B_1C3197 4L11006T S3PM08G M5PF11006B 4L31010T 4L31008
S3PLM5 4L21006G S3PL08 M5PM11006B 3L11006 M5PF21006R
S3HSM5G 4L21006T S3HS08G M5PP11006B 3L21006 M5PM21006R
S3HS-M5-R_1C3208 4L21008G S3PM08RG 4L21006 3L21008 M5PP21008B
S3RM5 4L21008T S3L08 S3B06 3L31008 4L31010
S3LM5 4L31008G M5PF21006B S3PF-06-B_1C3182 3L31010 M5PF21008B
S3VM5 4L31008T M5PM21006B S3PF08G S3PFM5B M5PM21008B
S3V06 4L31010G M5PP21006R S3PF08RG S3PFM5R M5PP21008R
S3V08 4L31010T 4L31008 S3PP06G S3PF06B M5PF21008R
M5PF11006B 3L11006 M5PF21006R S3PP-06-R_1C3190 S3PF06R M5PM21008R
M5PM11006B 3L21006 M5PM21006R S3PP-06-B_1C3191 S3PF08B 3L11006G
M5PP11006B 3L21008 M5PP21008B S3PM06G S3PF08R 3L11006T
4L21006 3L31008 4L31010 S3PM-06-R 4L11006 3L21006G
S3B06 3L31010 M5PF21008B S3PM-06-B S3BM5 3L21006T
S3PF-06-B_1C3182 S3PMM5B M5PM21008B S3PL06 S3PFM5G 3L21008G
S3PF08G S3PMM5R M5PP21008R S3HS06G S3PF-M5-R_1C3178 3L21008T
S3PF08RG S3PM06B M5PF21008R S3HS06RG S3PF-M5-B_1C3179 3L31008G
S3PP06G S3PM06R M5PM21008R S3HS-06-B_1C3212 S3PPM5G 3L31008T
S3PP-06-R_1C3190 S3PM08B 3L11006G S3PM06RG S3PP-M5-R_1C3187 3L31010G
S3PP-06-B_1C3191 S3PM08R 3L11006T S3L06 S3PMM5G 3L31010T
S3PM06G 4L11006 3L21006G M5PF11006R S3PM-M5-R_1C3196 4L11006G
S3PM-06-R S3BM5 3L21006T M5PM11006R S3PM-M5-B_1C3197 4L11006T
S3PM-06-B S3PFM5G 3L21008G M5PP21006B S3PLM5 4L21006G
S3PL06 S3PF-M5-R_1C3178 3L21008T 4L21008 S3HSM5G 4L21006T
S3HS06G S3PF-M5-B_1C3179 3L31008G S3B08 S3HS-M5-R_1C3208 4L21008G
S3HS06RG S3PPM5G 3L31008T S3PF-08-B_1C3185 S3RM5 4L21008T
S3HS-06-B_1C3212 S3PP-M5-R_1C3187 3L31010G S3PP08G S3LM5 4L31008G
S3PM06RG S3PMM5G 3L31010T S3PP-08-R_1C3193 S3VM5 4L31008T
S3L06 S3PM-M5-R_1C3196 4L11006G S3PP-08-B_1C3194 S3V06 4L31010G
M5PF11006R S3PM-M5-B_1C3197 4L11006T S3PM08G S3V08 4L31010T
M5PM11006R S3PLM5 4L21006G S3PL08 M5PF11006B 3L11006
M5PP21006B S3HSM5G 4L21006T S3HS08G M5PM11006B 3L21006
4L21008 S3HS-M5-R_1C3208 4L21008G S3PM08RG M5PP11006B 3L21008
S3B08 S3RM5 4L21008T S3L08 4L21006 3L31008
S3PF-08-B_1C3185 S3LM5 4L31008G M5PF21006B S3B06 3L31010
S3PP08G S3VM5 4L31008T M5PM21006B S3PF-06-B_1C3182 S3HSM5B
S3PP-08-R_1C3193 S3V06 4L31010G M5PP21006R S3PF08G S3HSM5R
S3PP-08-B_1C3194 S3V08 4L31010T 4L31008 S3PF08RG S3HS06B
S3PM08G M5PF11006B 3L11006 M5PF21006R S3PP06G S3HS06R
S3PL08 M5PM11006B 3L21006 M5PM21006R S3PP-06-R_1C3190 S3HS08B
S3HS08G M5PP11006B 3L21008 M5PP21008B S3PP-06-B_1C3191 S3HS08R
S3PM08RG 4L21006 3L31008 4L31010 S3PM06G S3PMM5B
S3L08 S3B06 3L31010 M5PF21008B S3PM-06-R S3PMM5R
M5PF21006B S3PF-06-B_1C3182 S3PPM5B M5PM21008B S3PM-06-B S3PM06B
M5PM21006B S3PF08G S3PPM5R M5PP21008R S3PL06 S3PM06R
M5PP21006R S3PF08RG S3PP06B M5PF21008R S3HS06G S3PM08B
4L31008 S3PP06G S3PP06R M5PM21008R S3HS06RG S3PM08R
M5PF21006R S3PP-06-R_1C3190 S3PP08B 3L11006G S3HS-06-B_1C3212 S3PP08R
M5PM21006R S3PP-06-B_1C3191 S3PP08R S3PM06RG
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