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Shenzhen Fitsi Technology CO.,LTD was established in China in 2014. Distributors of Preparation Unit, Control Components, Actuator, Accessories from 2014. have been supplying solenoid valves to customer in Japan, South Korea, India, Iran, United States, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada, France, South Africa, Egypt, etc.

Product of the best brands of AirTAC Valves are used to control the pressure and flow of hydraulic fluid through pipes and is also useful in utilizing and generating hydraulic power. There are various types of hydraulic valves, each has a different purpose and function. We provide a broad range of products with full types and specifications for various industry segments like packaging, printing, plastics, filling, ultrasonic, medical treatment, pharmacy, ceramics, welding, construction, lathes, sewing, metallurgy, automobiles, electronics, printing and dyeing, textile, etc.

We provide the solenoid valves cheap price, warranty, reliable distributor function and quickly and effectively technical guidance. Shipping fast and safe thanks to the partnership with DHL UPS DEDEX Or TNT, which make a lot of customers to become our friend, appreciate and praise us, We will continue to be their strongest backing in their industrial control system.

Recognized not only as one of the leading distributor in the Solenoid Valve marketplace, but also known for our high quality products and steadfast service throughout the industry. Our customers range from professional organizations to DIY homeowners, each and every customer is just as important as the next. We are proud to offer you a large variety of Electric Solenoid valves at unbeatable prices. 

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