G Series
Original AirTAC GV200-06 GV200-08 GV300-08 GV300-10 GV300-15 Air Control Preparation Unit
  • GV200-06
  • GV300-08
  • GV300-10
  • GV300-15
Original AirTAC GV200-06 GV200-08 GV300-08 GV300-10 GV300-15 Air Control Preparation Unit

Model:                                        GV200-06                                        GV200-08                                        GV300-08                                        GV300-10                                        GV300-15

GV200-06 GV200-08 GV300-08 GV300-10 GV300-15 GV400-10 GV400-15
Fluid: Air
Port Size: PT1/8 PT1/4 PT1/4 PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/8 PT1/2
Pressure Range: 0.25~0.9MPa(35~130psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.5MPa(215psi)
Temperature Range: -20~70℃
Aacting Type: Solenoid Control
Exhaust Port Size: PT1/4 PT3/8 PT1/2
Power Connection: Terminal、Gromme
Standard Voltage: AC220V、110V、24V(50\60Hz)、DC12V、24V
Voltage Rang:
Insulation: Class B
Power Consumption: AC:3.5VA:DC:2.5W
Option Pressure Gauge: F: Square Pressure Gauge; C:Circular Pressure Gauge
Suitable F.R.L Type: GC200-06 GC200-08 GC300-08 GC300-10 GC300-15 GC400-10 GC400-15

①PT thread, NPT thread and G thread are available.

Product Feature:
Soft start-up valve is used to input compressed air into pneumatic system slowly and has the effect of safety and protection. Air intake is connected with the input P of Soft start-up valve. If coil is energized, the 3/2 way valve opens. At this time, a little air comes to output A through throttle valve, which increases the pressure of the system gradually; when the output pressure is equal  the half of the input pressure, Soft start-upvalve completely opens and the flow at this time reaches the highest value of itself. When the coil is de-energized, air intake P closes, the air returns to R orifice through reflux valve and is quickly exhausted. The pressure of the system falls to zero, which protects the whole system.

Installation & Usage:

1.Check whether the components have been damaged during transportation before installing and using.

2.Pay attention to whether the flow direction of air (notice “→” direction) and thread type are correct.

3.Please notice whether installation condition accords with technical requirements (such as “working  pressure” and “applied temperature range”);

4.Avoid usage in an environment that exposes the filter and lubricator bowl through contact with Chlorine, solvent, aromatic essence, acid and alkali to avoid damage to the Filter and Lubricator bowl.

5.Regularly clean or change filter core. Lubricators and regulators shall be in descending order.

6.Keep the dust away. The dust cover shall be installed in intake and outlet when the device is dismantled and stored.

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