G Series
AirTAC GR200-06 GR200-08 GR300-08 GR300-10 GR300-15 GR400-10 GR400-15 GR600-20 GR600-25 Air Control Preparation Unit
  • GR200-06
  • GR300-10
  • GR300-15
  • GR200-08
  • GR300-08
AirTAC GR200-06 GR200-08 GR300-08 GR300-10 GR300-15 GR400-10 GR400-15 GR600-20 GR600-25 Air Control Preparation Unit

Product Name:GR Series Air Control Preparation Unit
Product Model:GR200-06 GR200-08 GR300-08 GR300-10 GR300-15 GR400-10 GR400-15 GR600-20 GR600-25
Filtering Grade:40μm or 5μm
Fluid: Air
Max Supply Pressure:1.0MPa(145psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.5MPa(215psi)

GR200-06 GR200-08 GR300-08 GR300-10 GR300-15 GR400-10 GR400-15 GR600-20 GR600-25
Fluid: Air
Port Size: PT1/8 PT1/4 PT1/4 PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/4 PT1
Pressure Range: 0.05~0.9MPa(7~130psi)
Max Pressure: 1.0MPa(145psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.5MPa(215psi)
Temperature Range: -20~70℃
Weight: 160g 350g 720g 1700g

①PT thread, NPT thread and G thread are available.

Product Feature:

1.Embedded square pressure gauge is used to save installation space. (External circular pressure gauge is also optional).

2.The pressed-in self-locking mechanism can prevent the abnormal movement of the set pressure caused by external interfere.

3.Balanced design is adopted for the pressure adjustment mechanism.

4.In addition to panel installation, the bracket is optional for installation.

5.In addition to standard type, lower pressure type is optional (The highest adjustable pressure is 0.4MPa).

Installation & Usage:

1.Check whether the components have been damaged during transportation before installing and using.

2.Pay attention to whether the flow direction of air (notice “→” direction) and thread type are correct.

3.Please notice whether installation condition accords with technical requirements (such as “working  pressure” and “applied temperature range”);

4.Avoid usage in an environment that exposes the filter and lubricator bowl through contact with Chlorine, solvent, aromatic essence, acid and alkali to avoid damage to the Filter and Lubricator bowl.

5.Regularly clean or change filter core. Lubricators and regulators shall be in descending order.

6.Keep the dust away. The dust cover shall be installed in intake and outlet when the device is dismantled and stored.

Order Code:

GR Series.jpg

GR20006C1K GR20008JC3GK GR30015F1K GR30015JF2T GR40010JF1 GR60025C3GK
GR20006C2T GR20008JF1 GR30015F2T GR30015JF2TK GR40010JF1K GR60025F1K
GR20006C2TK GR20008JF1K GR30015F2TK GR30015JF3G GR40010JF2T GR60025F2T
GR20006C3G GR20008JF2T GR30015F3G GR30015JF3GK GR40010JF2TK GR60025F2TK
GR20006C3GK GR20008JF2TK GR30015F3GK GR30015LJC1 GR40010JF3G GR60025F3G
GR20006F1K GR20008JF3G GR30015LC1 GR30015LJC1K GR40010JF3GK GR60025F3GK
GR20006F2T GR20008JF3GK GR30015LC1K GR30015LJC2T GR40010LJC1 GR60025LC1
GR20006F2TK GR20008LJC1 GR30015LC2T GR30015LJC2TK GR40010LJC1K GR60025LC1K
GR20006F3G GR20008LJC1K GR30015LC2TK GR30015LJC3G GR40010LJC2T GR60025LC2T
GR20006F3GK GR20008LJC2T GR30015LC3G GR30015LJC3GK GR40010LJC2TK GR60025LC2TK
GR20006LC1 GR20008LJC2TK GR30015LC3GK GR30015LJF1 GR40010LJC3G GR60025LC3G
GR20006LC1K GR20008LJC3G GR30015LF1 GR30015LJF1K GR40010LJC3GK GR60025LC3GK
GR20006LC2T GR20008LJC3GK GR30015LF1K GR30015LJF2T GR40010LJF1 GR60025LF1
GR20006LC2TK GR20008LJF1 GR30015LF2T GR30015LJF2TK GR40010LJF1K GR60025LF1K
GR20006LC3G GR20008LJF1K GR30015LF2TK GR30015LJF3G GR40010LJF2T GR60025LF2T
GR20006LC3GK GR20008LJF2T GR30015LF3G GR30015LJF3GK GR40010LJF2TK GR60025LF2TK
GR20006LF1 GR20008LJF2TK GR30015LF3GK GR30015LJN GR40010LJF3G GR60025LF3G
GR20006LF1K GR20008LJF3G GR30015LN GR30015LJNG GR40010LJF3GK GR60025LF3GK
GR20006LF2T GR20008LJF3GK GR30015LNG GR30015LJNGK GR40010LJN GR60025LN
GR20006LF2TK GR20008LJN GR30015LNGK GR30015LJNK GR40010LJNG GR60025LNG
GR20006LF3G GR20008LJNG GR30015LNK GR30015LJNT GR40010LJNGK GR60025LNGK
GR20006LF3GK GR20008LJNGK GR30015LNT GR30015LJNTK GR40010LJNK GR60025LNK
GR20006LN GR20008LJNK GR30015LNTK GR30015JN GR40010LJNT GR60025LNT
GR20006LNG GR20008LJNT GR30015N GR30015JNG GR40010LJNTK GR60025LNTK
GR20006LNGK GR20008LJNTK GR30015NG GR30015JNGK GR40010JN GR60025N
GR20006LNK GR20008JN GR30015NGK GR30015JNK GR40010JNG GR60025NG
GR20006LNT GR20008JNG GR30015NK GR30015JNT GR40010JNGK GR60025NGK
GR20006LNTK GR20008JNGK GR30015NT GR30015JNTK GR40010JNK GR60025NK
GR20006N GR20008JNK GR30015NTK GR30008C1 GR40010JNT GR60025NT
GR20006NG GR20008JNT GR30008JC1 GR30008F1 GR40010JNTK GR60025NTK
GR20006NGK GR20008JNTK GR30008JC1K GR30010C1 GR40015JC1 GR60020JC1
GR20006NK GR20006C1 GR30008JC2T GR30010F1 GR40015JC1K GR60020JC1K
GR20006NT GR20006F1 GR30008JC2TK GR30015C1 GR40015JC2T GR60020JC2T
GR20006NTK GR20008C1 GR30008JC3G GR30015F1 GR40015JC2TK GR60020JC2TK
GR20008C1K GR20008F1 GR30008JC3GK GR40010C1K GR40015JC3G GR60020JC3G
GR20008C2T GR30010JF1 GR30008JF1 GR40010C2T GR40015JC3GK GR60020JC3GK
GR20008C2TK GR30008C1K GR30008JF1K GR40010C2TK GR40015JF1 GR60020JF1
GR20008C3G GR30008C2T GR30008JF2T GR40010C3G GR40015JF1K GR60020JF1K
GR20008C3GK GR30008C2TK GR30008JF2TK GR40010C3GK GR40015JF2T GR60020JF2T
GR20008F1K GR30008C3G GR30008JF3G GR40010F1K GR40015JF2TK GR60020JF2TK
GR20008F2T GR30008C3GK GR30008JF3GK GR40010F2T GR40015JF3G GR60020JF3G
GR20008F2TK GR30008F1K GR30008LJC1 GR40010F2TK GR40015JF3GK GR60020JF3GK
GR20008F3G GR30008F2T GR30008LJC1K GR40010F3G GR40015LJC1 GR60020LJC1
GR20008F3GK GR30008F2TK GR30008LJC2T GR40010F3GK GR40015LJC1K GR60020LJC1K
GR20008LC1 GR30008F3G GR30008LJC2TK GR40010LC1 GR40015LJC2T GR60020LJC2T
GR20008LC1K GR30008F3GK GR30008LJC3G GR40010LC1K GR40015LJC2TK GR60020LJC2TK
GR20008LC2T GR30008LC1 GR30008LJC3GK GR40010LC2T GR40015LJC3G GR60020LJC3G
GR20008LC2TK GR30008LC1K GR30008LJF1 GR40010LC2TK GR40015LJC3GK GR60020LJC3GK
GR20008LC3G GR30008LC2T GR30008LJF1K GR40010LC3G GR40015LJF1 GR60020LJF1
GR20008LC3GK GR30008LC2TK GR30008LJF2T GR40010LC3GK GR40015LJF1K GR60020LJF1K
GR20008LF1 GR30008LC3G GR30008LJF2TK GR40010LF1 GR40015LJF2T GR60020LJF2T
GR20008LF1K GR30008LC3GK GR30008LJF3G GR40010LF1K GR40015LJF2TK GR60020LJF2TK
GR20008LF2T GR30008LF1 GR30008LJF3GK GR40010LF2T GR40015LJF3G GR60020LJF3G
GR20008LF2TK GR30008LF1K GR30008LJN GR40010LF2TK GR40015LJF3GK GR60020LJF3GK
GR20008LF3G GR30008LF2T GR30008LJNG GR40010LF3G GR40015LJN GR60020LJN
GR20008LF3GK GR30008LF2TK GR30008LJNGK GR40010LF3GK GR40015LJNG GR60020LJNG
GR20008LN GR30008LF3G GR30008LJNK GR40010LN GR40015LJNGK GR60020LJNGK
GR20008LNG GR30008LF3GK GR30008LJNT GR40010LNG GR40015LJNK GR60020LJNK
GR20008LNGK GR30008LN GR30008LJNTK GR40010LNGK GR40015LJNT GR60020LJNT
GR20008LNK GR30008LNG GR30008JN GR40010LNK GR40015LJNTK GR60020LJNTK
GR20008LNT GR30008LNGK GR30008JNG GR40010LNT GR40015JN GR60020JN
GR20008LNTK GR30008LNK GR30008JNGK GR40010LNTK GR40015JNG GR60020JNG
GR20008N GR30008LNT GR30008JNK GR40010N GR40015JNGK GR60020JNGK
GR20008NG GR30008LNTK GR30008JNT GR40010NG GR40015JNK GR60020JNK
GR20008NGK GR30008N GR30008JNTK GR40010NGK GR40015JNT GR60020JNT
GR20008NK GR30008NG GR30010JC1 GR40010NK GR40015JNTK GR60020JNTK
GR20008NT GR30008NGK GR30010JC1K GR40010NT GR40010C1 GR60025JC1
GR20008NTK GR30008NK GR30010JC2T GR40010NTK GR40010F1 GR60025JC1K
GR20006JC1 GR30008NT GR30010JC2TK GR40015C1K GR40015C1 GR60025JC2T
GR20006JC1K GR30008NTK GR30010JC3G GR40015C2T GR40015F1 GR60025JC2TK
GR20006JC2T GR30010C1K GR30010JC3GK GR40015C2TK GR60020C1K GR60025JC3G
GR20006JC2TK GR30010C2T GR30010JF1K GR40015C3G GR60020C2T GR60025JC3GK
GR20006JC3G GR30010C2TK GR30010JF2T GR40015C3GK GR60020C2TK GR60025JF1
GR20006JC3GK GR30010C3G GR30010JF2TK GR40015F1K GR60020C3G GR60025JF1K
GR20006JF1 GR30010C3GK GR30010JF3G GR40015F2T GR60020C3GK GR60025JF2T
GR20006JF1K GR30010F1K GR30010JF3GK GR40015F2TK GR60020F1K GR60025JF2TK
GR20006JF2T GR30010F2T GR30010LJC1 GR40015F3G GR60020F2T GR60025JF3G
GR20006JF2TK GR30010F2TK GR30010LJC1K GR40015F3GK GR60020F2TK GR60025JF3GK
GR20006JF3G GR30010F3G GR30010LJC2T GR40015LC1 GR60020F3G GR60025LJC1
GR20006JF3GK GR30010F3GK GR30010LJC2TK GR40015LC1K GR60020F3GK GR60025LJC1K
GR20006LJC1 GR30010LC1 GR30010LJC3G GR40015LC2T GR60020LC1 GR60025LJC2T
GR20006LJC1K GR30010LC1K GR30010LJC3GK GR40015LC2TK GR60020LC1K GR60025LJC2TK
GR20006LJC2T GR30010LC2T GR30010LJF1 GR40015LC3G GR60020LC2T GR60025LJC3G
GR20006LJC2TK GR30010LC2TK GR30010LJF1K GR40015LC3GK GR60020LC2TK GR60025LJC3GK
GR20006LJC3G GR30010LC3G GR30010LJF2T GR40015LF1 GR60020LC3G GR60025LJF1
GR20006LJC3GK GR30010LC3GK GR30010LJF2TK GR40015LF1K GR60020LC3GK GR60025LJF1K
GR20006LJF1 GR30010LF1 GR30010LJF3G GR40015LF2T GR60020LF1 GR60025LJF2T
GR20006LJF1K GR30010LF1K GR30010LJF3GK GR40015LF2TK GR60020LF1K GR60025LJF2TK
GR20006LJF2T GR30010LF2T GR30010LJN GR40015LF3G GR60020LF2T GR60025LJF3G
GR20006LJF2TK GR30010LF2TK GR30010LJNG GR40015LF3GK GR60020LF2TK GR60025LJF3GK
GR20006LJF3G GR30010LF3G GR30010LJNGK GR40015LN GR60020LF3G GR60025LJN
GR20006LJF3GK GR30010LF3GK GR30010LJNK GR40015LNG GR60020LF3GK GR60025LJNG
GR20006LJN GR30010LN GR30010LJNT GR40015LNGK GR60020LN GR60025LJNGK
GR20006LJNG GR30010LNG GR30010LJNTK GR40015LNK GR60020LNG GR60025LJNK
GR20006LJNGK GR30010LNGK GR30010JN GR40015LNT GR60020LNGK GR60025LJNT
GR20006LJNK GR30010LNK GR30010JNG GR40015LNTK GR60020LNK GR60025LJNTK
GR20006LJNT GR30010LNT GR30010JNGK GR40015N GR60020LNT GR60025JN
GR20006LJNTK GR30010LNTK GR30010JNK GR40015NG GR60020LNTK GR60025JNG
GR20006JN GR30010N GR30010JNT GR40015NGK GR60020N GR60025JNGK
GR20006JNG GR30010NG GR30010JNTK GR40015NK GR60020NG GR60025JNK
GR20006JNGK GR30010NGK GR30015JC1 GR40015NT GR60020NGK GR60025JNT
GR20006JNK GR30010NK GR30015JC1K GR40015NTK GR60020NK GR60025JNTK
GR20006JNT GR30010NT GR30015JC2T GR40010JC1 GR60020NT GR60020C1
GR20006JNTK GR30010NTK GR30015JC2TK GR40010JC1K GR60020NTK GR60020F1
GR20008JC1 GR30015C1K GR30015JC3G GR40010JC2T GR60025C1K GR60025C1
GR20008JC1K GR30015C2T GR30015JC3GK GR40010JC2TK GR60025C2T GR60025F1
GR20008JC2T GR30015C2TK GR30015JF1 GR40010JC3G GR60025C2TK GR30015C3GK
GR20008JC2TK GR30015C3G GR30015JF1K GR40010JC3GK GR60025C3G GR20008JC3G
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