Pneumatic Control Valve
EVA210 EVA220 EVA230C EVA230E EVA230P EVA310 EVA320 EVA330C EVA330E EVA330P EAV Series Pneumatic Control Solenold Valve
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EVA210 EVA220 EVA230C EVA230E EVA230P EVA310 EVA320 EVA330C EVA330E EVA330P EAV Series Pneumatic Control Solenold Valve

Product Name:EAV Series Pneumatic Solenoid Valve
Product Model:200 Series 300 Series 400 Series 600 Series
Valve Type:Solenold Valve, Pneumatic Control Valve
Acting: Extend Pilot

200 Series 300 Series 400 Series 600 Series
Orifice Size: 32.0mm²(Cv=1.80) 42.0mm²(Cv=2.32) 69.0mm²(Cv=3.85) 108mm²(Cv=60)
Fluid: Air(to be filtered by 40μm filter element)
Acting: Extend Pilot
Lubrication: Not Required
Operating Pressure: Single air control: 02~1.0MPa(2~10bar)(29~145psi)
Double air control: -0.09~10MPa(-0.9~10bar)(-13~145psi)
Control Pressure(extermal pilot): 0.2~1.0MPa(2~10bar)(29~145psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.5MPa(15bar)(215psi)
Temperature: -20~70
Port Size(manifold): PT1/4
PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/4
Port Size(end plate: PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/4 PT1
Installation Size: ISO5599-1 Standard

① PT thread,NPT thread and G thread are available.
② Once lubricated air is used,continue with same medium to optimise valve life span. Lubricants like ISO VG32 or equivalent recommended.
③ The maximum actuation frequency is the no-load state.

Product Feature:

1. Succinct appearance and compact conformation. 

2. The installation size conforms to ISO 5599/1 standard. 

3. Because of the special seals, the feature are large flow rate and long lifetime. 

4. External pilot, can be used without electrical. 

5. You need install the valve together with the sub-base. There are individual and manifold sub-base. 

6. There are various connection and installation method for manifold. It is easy to use. 

7. The manifold of 200\300\400 series have the function of exhaust throttling, so no need to connect another throttle valve. 

8. Because of be used external pilot, the working pressure of double air control valve can be zero or vacuum.

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