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AirTAC TTQ Series Double Acting Pull Stopper Pneumatic Cylinder TTQ20X10 TTQ20X15 TTQ20X20 Stopper Cylinder
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AirTAC TTQ Series Double Acting Pull Stopper Pneumatic Cylinder TTQ20X10 TTQ20X15 TTQ20X20 Stopper Cylinder

Product Name: TTQ Series Stopper Cylinder
Product Model: TTQ20X10 TTQ20X15 TTQ20X20
Valve Type: Stopper Cylinder, Air Cyclinder
Brand: AirTAC
Fluid: Air
Acting Type: Double Acting



Bore size: 20 25 32 40 50
Acting type: Double Acting Type; Single Acting pull Type
Air(to be filtered by 40μm filter element)
Operating Pressure: Double Acting Type: 0.15~1.0MPa(23~145psi)(1.5~10.0bar)
Single Acting Type: Φ20: 0.25~1.0MPa(35~145psi)  Other: 0.20~1.0MPa(28~145psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.5MPa(215psi)
Temperature(℃): -20~80
Stroke Tolerance: (0~+1.0)
Cushion Type: Bumper
Lubrication: Non Required
Mounting Type: Flange(With Adjustable Absorber)
Stopper Type: Round Rod、Flat Rod、Roller Round Rod、Flat Rod、Roller Shock Less Stopper(With Adjustable Absorber)
Port Size: M5×0.8 PT1/8
①PT Thread、NPT and G Thread are available.

Product Feature:

1.JIS standard is implemented.

2.Widening the piston rod can effectively improve the impact resistance ability of the cylinder.

3.Heavy type stopper cylinder has shock absorber adjustable shock absorber, which can reliably absorb the impact energy.

4.Shockless stopper cylinder is equipped with self-lock device, which can prevent the returning of rebound of rocker caused by bar objects.

5.Several series and specifications for stopper cylinders can be ed.

Installation & Usage:

Order Code:
TTQ32-10-S-C TTQ32-15-C TTQ40-20-S-C TTQ40-25-C TTQ50-20-S-C TTQ50-25-C
TTQ32-10-S-B TTQ32-15-B TTQ40-20-S-B TTQ40-25-B TTQ50-20-S-B TTQ50-25-B
TTQ32-10-S-R TTQ32-15-R TTQ40-20-S-R TTQ40-25-R TTQ50-20-S-R TTQ50-25-R
TTQ32-10-S-K TTQ32-15-K TTQ40-20-S-K TTQ40-25-K TTQ50-20-S-K TTQ50-25-K
TTQ32-10-S-K-F TTQ32-15-K-F TTQ40-20-S-K-F TTQ40-25-K-F TTQ50-20-S-K-F TTQ50-25-K-F
TTQ32-10-C TTQ32-20-S-C TTQ40-20-C TTQ40-30-S-C TTQ50-20-C TTQ50-30-S-C
TTQ32-10-B TTQ32-20-S-B TTQ40-20-B TTQ40-30-S-B TTQ50-20-B TTQ50-30-S-B
TTQ32-10-R TTQ32-20-S-R TTQ40-20-R TTQ40-30-S-R TTQ50-20-R TTQ50-30-S-R
TTQ32-10-K TTQ32-20-S-K TTQ40-20-K TTQ40-30-S-K TTQ50-20-K TTQ50-30-S-K
TTQ32-10-K-F TTQ32-20-S-K-F TTQ40-20-K-F TTQ40-30-S-K-F TTQ50-20-K-F TTQ50-30-S-K-F
TTQ32-15-S-C TTQ32-20-C TTQ40-25-S-C TTQ40-30-C TTQ50-25-S-C TTQ50-30-C
TTQ32-15-S-B TTQ32-20-B TTQ40-25-S-B TTQ40-30-B TTQ50-25-S-B TTQ50-30-B
TTQ32-15-S-R TTQ32-20-R TTQ40-25-S-R TTQ40-30-R TTQ50-25-S-R TTQ50-30-R
TTQ32-15-S-K TTQ32-20-K TTQ40-25-S-K TTQ40-30-K TTQ50-25-S-K TTQ50-30-K
TTQ32-15-S-K-F TTQ32-20-K-F TTQ40-25-S-K-F TTQ40-30-K-F TTQ50-25-S-K-F TTQ50-30-K-F
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