Pneumatic Control Valve
AIRTAC 5 Way 2 Position 5A210-06 5A220-06 5A230-06 5A210-08 5A220-08 5A230-08 5A420-15 5A Series Pneumatic Solenoid Valve
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AIRTAC 5 Way 2 Position 5A210-06 5A220-06 5A230-06 5A210-08 5A220-08 5A230-08 5A420-15 5A Series Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

Product Name:5A Series Pneumatic Solenoid Valve
Product Model:5A210-06 5A220-06 5A230-06 5A210-08 5A220-08 5A230-08 5A420-15
Valve Type:Solenold Valve, Pneumatic Control Valve
Fluid: Air
Position & Way Number:5 Port 2 Position
Acting: Exterior Control

5A110-M5 5A120-M5 5A130□-M5 5A110-06 5A120-06 5A130□-06
Port Size: In=Out=Exh=M5
Orifice Size: 5.5mm² 5.0mm² 12mm² 9.0mm²
Cv: 0.31 0.28 0.67
Weight: 85 140 165 85 140 165
5A210-06 5A220-06 5A230□-06 5A210-08 5A220-08 5A230□-08
Port Size: In=Out=Exh=PT1/8 In=Out=PT1/4 Exh=PT1/8
Orifice Size: 14.0mm² 12.0mm² 16.0mm² 12.0mm²
Cv: 0.78 0.67 0.89
Weight: 185 285 365 185 285 365
5A310-08 5A320-08 5A330□-08 5A310-10 5A320-10 5A330□-10
Port Size: In=Out=Exh=PT1/4 In=Out=PT3/8 Exh=PT1/4
Orifice Size: 30.0mm² 18.0mm² 36.0mm² 21.5mm²
Cv: 1.68 1.00 2.00
Weight: 275 365 505 275 365 505
Max. Frequency:
5 Cycle/Sec 3 Cycle/Sec 5 Cycle/Sec 3 Cycle/Sec
5A410-15 5A420-15 5A430□-15
Port Size: In=Out=Exh=PT1/2
Orifice Size: 50.0mm² 30.0mm²
Cv: 2.79 1.68
Weight: 555 685 735
Valve Type: 5 Port 2 Position 5 Port 3 Position 5 Port 2 Position 5 Port 3 Position
Fluid: Air(to be filtered by 40μm filter element)
Acting: Exterior Control
Port Size: M5
Orifice Size: 5.5mm²(Cv=0.31) 12.0mm²(Cv=0.67)
Operating Pressure: 0.15~0.8MPa(21~114psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.2MPa(175psi)
Temperature: -20~70℃
Material of Body: Aluminum Alloy
Lubrication: Not Required

① PT thread, NPT thread and G thread are available.
②Once lubricated air is used, continue with same medium to optimise valve life span. Lubricants like ISO VG32 or equivalent are recommended.
③The maximum actuation frequency is the no-load state.

Product Feature:

1.Structure in sliding column mode: good tightness and sensitive reaction. 

2.Double control solenoid valves have memory function.

3.Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little attrition friction, low start pressure and long service life.

4.No need to add oil for lubrication.
5. Multi-mounting helps to install and apply. 

6.It is available to form integrated valve group with the base to save installation space.

Installation & Usage:

1.Before installing, be sure the valve hasn't been damaged via transportation.

2.It's suggested to use the medium lubricated by 40μm filter element. Be aware of the flow direction and port size. 

3.Please notice whether the installation condition accords with technical requirements (such as“act-uation frequency”, “working pressure” and “scope of application temperature”), then the equipment can be installed and used. 

4.Notice the flow direction of air during installation, P is the air intake, A (B) is the work port and R (S) is the exhaust outlet. 

5.Take measure to avoid vibration and frozen.

6.Firstly press the base gasket into the base, and then connect the base with the valve body by the affiliated screws. The base gasket can be pressed into the installation places that are not used temporarily, and then seal them with affiliated blank cap. When the system expands, take the blank cap off and install relative air valves; 

7.To keep the dust away, please use the silencer for the exhaust ports. Never forget to install dirt-proof boot in air intake and outlet during dismounting. 

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