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AIRTAC SR Serices Air Pressure Regulating Valve SR200-06 SR200L-06 SR200-08 SR200L-08 for Air filtration
  • SR200-06
  • SR200-08
  • SR200L-06
  • SR200L-08
  • SR200L-08T
AIRTAC SR Serices Air Pressure Regulating Valve SR200-06 SR200L-06 SR200-08 SR200L-08 for Air filtration

Product Name:SR Series Air Control Preparation Unit
Product Model:SR200-06 SR200L-06 SR200-08 SR200L-08
Fluid: Air
Max Supply Pressure:1.0MPa(145psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.5MPa(215psi)

SR200L-06 SR200-08 SR200L-08
Fluid: Air
Port Size: PT1/8
Pressure Range: Standard type:0.05~0.9MPa(7~130psi); Lower Pressure Type:0.03~0.4MPa(4~57psi)
Max Pressure: 1.0MPa(145psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.5MPa(215psi)
Temperature Range: -20~70℃

①PT thread, NPT thread and G thread are available.

Product Feature:

1.Panel support can be chosen for the installation of regulator with independent use in pipeline.

2.The structure is delicate and compact, which is convenient for installation and application.

3.The performance of pressure adjustment is reliable and steady.

4.In addition to  standard type, lower pressure type is optional (The highest adjustable pressure is 0.4 MPa).

Installation & Usage:

1.Check whether the components have been damaged during transportation before installing and using.

2.Pay attention to whether the flow direction of air (notice “→” direction) and thread type are correct.

3.Please notice whether installation condition accords with technical requirements (such as “working  pressure” and “applied temperature range”);

4.Avoid usage in an environment that exposes the filter and lubricator bowl through contact with Chlorine, solvent, aromatic essence, acid and alkali to avoid damage to the Filter and Lubricator bowl.

5.Regularly clean or change filter core. Lubricators and regulators shall be in descending order.

6.Keep the dust away. The dust cover shall be installed in intake and outlet when the device is dismantled and stored.

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