G Series
Airtac GF200-06 GF200-08 GF300-08 GF300-10 GF300-15 GF400-10 GF400-15 GF600-20 GF600-25 Air Control Preparation Unit - Fitsi Preparation Unit
  • GF300-20
  • GF200-06
  • GF300-10
  • GF600-20
  • GF200-08
Airtac GF200-06 GF200-08 GF300-08 GF300-10 GF300-15 GF400-10 GF400-15 GF600-20 GF600-25 Air Control Preparation Unit - Fitsi Preparation Unit

Product Name:GF Series Air Control Preparation Unit
Product Model:GF200-06 GF200-08 GF300-08 GF300-10 GF300-15 GF400-10 GF400-15 GF600-20 GF600-25
Filtering Grade:40μm or 5μm
Fluid: Air
Max Supply Pressure:1.0MPa(145psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.5MPa(215psi)

GF200-06 GF200-08 GF300-08 GF300-10 GF300-15 GF400-10 GF400-15 GF600-20 GF600-25
Fluid: Air
Port Size: PT1/8 PT1/4 PT1/4 PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/4 PT1
Filtering Grade: 40μm or 5μm
Pressure Range: Semi-auto and automatic drain:0.15~0.9MPa(20~130psi); Manual drain:0.05~0.9MPa(7~130psi)
Proof Pressure: 1.5MPa(215psi)
Temperature Range: -5~70℃
Capacity of Drain Bowl: 10CC 40CC 80CC 230CC
Weight: 135g 360g 680g 1440g

①PT thread, NPT thread and G thread are available.

Product Feature:

1.Unique diversion structure spins the air flowing through to effectively separate the liquid from the air and reliably filter the solid grain.

2.It has low pressure loss, high efficiency in separating water and large drain bowl capacity.

3.Filtering grade includes 5μm and 40μm (Optional).

4.Three drain types are available: manual drain, semi-auto drain and automatic drain.

5.The bracket can be ed for installation.

Installation & Usage
1.Check whether the components have been damaged during transportation before installing and using.

2.Pay attention to whether the flow direction of air (notice “→” direction) and thread type are correct.

3.Please notice whether installation condition accords with technical requirements (such as “working  pressure” and “applied temperature range”);

4.Avoid usage in an environment that exposes the filter and lubricator bowl through contact with Chlorine, solvent, aromatic essence, acid and alkali to avoid damage to the Filter and Lubricator bowl.

5.Regularly clean or change filter core. Lubricators and regulators shall be in descending order.

6.Keep the dust away. The dust cover shall be installed in intake and outlet when the device is dismantled and stored.

Order Code:

GF Series.jpgGFC Series.jpg

GF20006 GF30008G GF30015MG GF300C15JWG GF40015AJ GF400C10AW
GF20006G GF30008T GF30015MT GF300C15JWT GF40015AJG GF400C10M
GF20006M GF30008WG GF30015MWG GF300C15MG GF40015AJT GF400C10MW
GF20006T GF30008WT GF30015MWT GF300C15MT GF40015AJW GF400C10W
GF20006MW GF30008J GF30015MJ GF300C15MWG GF40015AJWG GF300C15
GF20006WG GF30008JG GF30015MJG GF300C15MWT GF40015AJWT GF300C15A
GF20006W GF30008JT GF30015MJT GF300C15MJ GF400C10G GF300C15AW
GF20006WT GF30008JW GF30015MJW GF300C15MJG GF400C10T GF300C15M
GF20008 GF30008 GF30015MJWG GF300C15MJT GF400C10WG GF300C15MW
GF20006J GF30008JWG GF30015MJWT GF300C15MJW GF400C10WT GF300C15W
GF20008M GF30008A GF30015AG GF300C15MJWG GF400C10J GF400C15
GF20006JG GF30008JWT GF30015AT GF300C15MJWT GF400C10JG GF400C15A
GF20008MW GF30008AW GF30015AWG GF300C15AG GF400C10JT GF400C15AW
GF20006JT GF30008MG GF30015AWT GF300C15AT GF400C10JW GF400C15M
GF20008W GF30008M GF30015AJ GF300C15AWG GF400C10JWG GF400C15MW
GF20006JW GF30008MT GF30015AJG GF300C15AWT GF400C10JWT GF400C15W
GF20006JWG GF30008MW GF30015AJT GF300C15AJ GF400C10MG GF60020G
GF20006JWT GF30008MWG GF30015AJW GF300C15AJG GF400C10MT GF60020T
GF20006MG GF30008W GF30015AJWG GF300C15AJT GF400C10MWG GF60020WG
GF20006MT GF30008MWT GF30015AJWT GF300C15AJW GF400C10MWT GF60020WT
GF20006MWG GF30010 GF300C08G GF300C15AJWG GF400C10MJ GF60020J
GF20006MWT GF30008MJ GF300C08T GF300C15AJWT GF400C10MJG GF60020JG
GF20006MJ GF30010A GF300C08WG GF40010G GF400C10MJT GF60020JT
GF20006MJG GF30008MJG GF300C08WT GF40010T GF400C10MJW GF60020JW
GF20006MJT GF30010AW GF300C08J GF40010WG GF400C10MJWG GF60020JWG
GF20006MJW GF30008MJT GF300C08JG GF40010WT GF400C10MJWT GF60020JWT
GF20006MJWG GF30010M GF300C08JT GF40010J GF400C10AG GF60020MG
GF20006MJWT GF30008MJW GF300C08JW GF40010JG GF400C10AT GF60020MT
GF20008G GF30010MW GF300C08JWG GF40010JT GF400C10AWG GF60020MWG
GF20008T GF30008MJWG GF300C08JWT GF40010JW GF400C10AWT GF60020MWT
GF20008WG GF30010W GF300C08MG GF40010JWG GF400C10AJ GF60020MJ
GF20008WT GF30008MJWT GF300C08MT GF40010JWT GF400C10AJG GF60020MJG
GF20008J GF30008AG GF300C08MWG GF40010MG GF400C10AJT GF60020MJT
GF20008JG GF30008AT GF300C08MWT GF40010MT GF400C10AJW GF60020MJW
GF20008JT GF30008AWG GF300C08MJ GF40010MWG GF400C10AJWG GF60020MJWG
GF20008JW GF30008AWT GF300C08MJG GF40010MWT GF400C10AJWT GF60020MJWT
GF20008JWG GF30008AJ GF300C08MJT GF40010MJ GF400C15G GF60020AG
GF20008JWT GF30008AJG GF300C08MJW GF40010MJG GF400C15T GF60020AT
GF20008MG GF30015 GF300C08MJWG GF40010MJT GF400C15WG GF60020AWG
GF20008MT GF30008AJT GF300C08MJWT GF40010MJW GF400C15WT GF60020AWT
GF20008MWG GF30015A GF300C08AG GF40010MJWG GF400C15J GF60020AJ
GF20008MWT GF30008AJW GF300C08AT GF40010MJWT GF400C15JG GF60020AJG
GF20008MJ GF30015AW GF300C08AWG GF40010 GF400C15JT GF60020AJT
GF20008MJG GF30008AJWG GF300C08AWT GF40010AG GF400C15JW GF60020AJW
GF20008MJT GF30015M GF300C08AJ GF40010A GF400C15JWG GF60020AJWG
GF20008MJW GF30008AJWT GF300C08AJG GF40010AT GF400C15JWT GF60020AJWT
GF20008MJWG GF30015MW GF300C08AJT GF40010AW GF400C15MG GF60025G
GF20008MJWT GF30010G GF300C08AJW GF40010AWG GF400C15MT GF60025T
GF200C06G GF30015W GF300C08AJWG GF40010M GF400C15MWG GF60025WG
GF200C06T GF30010T GF300C08AJWT GF40010AWT GF400C15MWT GF60025WT
GF200C06WG GF30010WG GF300C10G GF40010MW GF400C15MJ GF60025J
GF200C06WT GF30010WT GF300C10T GF40010AJ GF400C15MJG GF60025JG
GF200C06J GF30010J GF300C10WG GF40010W GF400C15MJT GF60025JT
GF200C06JG GF30010JG GF300C10WT GF40010AJG GF400C15MJW GF60025JW
GF200C06JT GF30010JT GF300C10J GF40010AJT GF400C15MJWG GF60020
GF200C06JW GF30010JW GF300C10JG GF40010AJW GF400C15MJWT GF60025JWG
GF200C06JWG GF30010JWG GF300C10JT GF40010AJWG GF400C15AG GF60020A
GF200C06JWT GF30010JWT GF300C10JW GF40010AJWT GF400C15AT GF60025JWT
GF200C06MG GF30010MG GF300C10JWG GF40015G GF400C15AWG GF60020AW
GF200C06MT GF30010MT GF300C10JWT GF40015T GF400C15AWT GF60025MG
GF200C06MWG GF30010MWG GF300C10MG GF40015 GF400C15AJ GF60020M
GF200C06MWT GF30010MWT GF300C10MT GF40015WG GF400C15AJG GF60025MT
GF200C06MJ GF30010MJ GF300C10MWG GF40015A GF400C15AJT GF60020MW
GF200C06MJG GF30010MJG GF300C10MWT GF40015WT GF400C15AJW GF60025MWG
GF200C06MJT GF30010MJT GF300C10MJ GF40015AW GF400C15AJWG GF60020W
GF200C06MJW GF30010MJW GF300C10MJG GF40015J GF400C15AJWT GF60025MWT
GF200C06MJWG GF30010MJWG GF300C10MJT GF40015M GF200C06 GF60025
GF200C06MJWT GF30010MJWT GF300C10MJW GF40015JG GF200C06M GF60025MJ
GF200C08G GF30010AG GF300C10MJWG GF40015MW GF200C06MW GF60025A
GF200C08T GF30010AT GF300C10MJWT GF40015JT GF200C06W GF60025MJG
GF200C08WG GF30010AWG GF300C10AG GF40015W GF200C08 GF60025AW
GF200C08WT GF30010AWT GF300C10AT GF40015JW GF200C08M GF60025MJT
GF200C08J GF30010AJ GF300C10AWG GF40015JWG GF200C08MW GF60025M
GF200C08JG GF30010AJG GF300C10AWT GF40015JWT GF200C08W GF60025MJW
GF200C08JT GF30010AJT GF300C10AJ GF40015MG GF300C08 GF60025MW
GF200C08JW GF30010AJW GF300C10AJG GF40015MT GF300C08A GF60025MJWG
GF200C08JWG GF30010AJWG GF300C10AJT GF40015MWG GF300C08AW GF60025W
GF200C08JWT GF30010AJWT GF300C10AJW GF40015MWT GF300C08M GF60025MJWT
GF200C08MG GF30015G GF300C10AJWG GF40015MJ GF300C08MW GF60025AG
GF200C08MT GF30015T GF300C10AJWT GF40015MJG GF300C08W GF60025AT
GF200C08MWG GF30015WG GF300C15G GF40015MJT GF300C10 GF60025AWG
GF200C08MWT GF30015WT GF300C15T GF40015MJW GF300C10A GF60025AWT
GF200C08MJ GF30015J GF300C15WG GF40015MJWG GF300C10AW GF60025AJ
GF200C08MJG GF30015JG GF300C15WT GF40015MJWT GF300C10M GF60025AJG
GF200C08MJT GF30015JT GF300C15J GF40015AG GF300C10MW GF60025AJT
GF200C08MJW GF30015JW GF300C15JG GF40015AT GF300C10W GF60025AJW
GF200C08MJWG GF30015JWG GF300C15JT GF40015AWG GF400C10 GF60025AJWG
GF200C08MJWT GF30015JWT GF300C15JW GF40015AWT GF400C10A GF60025AJWT
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