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DPSN1-01020 DPSN1-10020 DPSN1-01030 DPSN1-10030 DPSN1-01050 DPSN1-10050 DPS Series Airtac Digital Display Pressure Switch
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DPSN1-01020 DPSN1-10020 DPSN1-01030 DPSN1-10030 DPSN1-01050 DPSN1-10050 DPS Series Airtac Digital Display Pressure Switch

Product Name:DPS Series Digital Display Pressure Switch
Product Model:DPSN1-01020 DPSN1-10020 DPSN1-01030 DPSN1-10030 DPSN1-01050 DPSN1-10050
Voltage:12~24 VDC
Fluid: Non-corrosive gas
Max Supply Pressure:DPSN1(P1)-01: 200kpa
Proof Pressure: DPSN1(P1)-10: 1500kpa

Input power Voltage 12~24 VDC ±10% Ripple(P-P)<10%
Pressure range
Fluid Non-corrosive gas
Measurement range
Withstand pressure
DPSN1(P1)-01: 200kpa
DPSN1(P1)-10: 1500kpa
Measurement  error ±2%F.S.,±1 digit(Temperature:25±3℃)
Repetitive accurac ±0.2%F.S.
Temperature error ±3%F.S.(Base25℃,Range 0 to 50℃)
Type Double row LCD display, 4-digit measurement, 3.5-digit setting
Color 2-color LCD(Red/Green)
Display period 100ms、250ms、500ms、1000ms
Output group
DPSN1:Built-in two sets of NPN output
DPSP1:Built-in two sets of PNP output
Transistor output NPN:Maximum applied voltage 30V/100mA, Retained voltage<1.5V
PNP:Maximum applied voltage 30V/100mA, Retained voltage<1.5V
Output delay time 2ms、20ms、50ms、100ms、250ms、500ms、1000ms、2500ms、5000ms
DPSN1(P1)-01: 0.1、0.2、0.3、…0.8(kpa)
DPSN1(P1)-10: 1、2、3、…8(kpa)
Output mode Basic mode, Hysteresis mode, Window comparator mode
Pressure Unit DPSN1(P1)-01 kpa、kgf/cm²、bar、psi、mmHg、inHg
DPSN1(P1)-10 Mpa、kpa、kgf/cm²、bar、psi、mmHg、inHg
Vibration resistance 10 to 500Hz with 10mm Amplitude in X, Y, Z directions for 2hrs
Impact resistance Maximum 100m/s², X, Y, Z direction 3 times each
Operating Temp. range 0~50℃
Stored Temp. range -20~65℃
Humidity. range 35%~80% RH(No condensation)
Product Feature:
Installation & Usage:

1.Do not drop ˴ knock or apply excessive impact while handling. Otherwisecould cause damage and a malfunction.

2.The tensile strength of the cord is 60N. Applying a greater pulling force on it can cause a malfunction.

3.Do not exceed the screw-in torque of 7N.m when installing piping.Exceeding this value may cause malfunctioning of the sensor.

4.Do not use it with corrosive and/or flammable gases or liquids.

5.Please use it within rated pressure range.

6.Turn off the power before connecting the wires.

7.Don't use in an environment with spattering liquid of oil or solvent.

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