Flow Control Valve
2SX030 2SH030 2S030 2SL030 2ST030 2SX050 2SH050 2S050 2SL050 2ST050 2S Series Direct-acting and Normally Closed Fluid Control Valve
  • 2S030
  • 2SH030
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2SX030 2SH030 2S030 2SL030 2ST030 2SX050 2SH050 2S050 2SL050 2ST050 2S Series Direct-acting and Normally Closed Fluid Control Valve

Product Name:2J Series Flow Control Valve
Product Model:2SX030 2SH030 2S030 2SL030 2ST030 2SX050 2SH050 2S050 2SL050 2ST050

Model/Item: Port Size: orifice Size(Φmm): Cv Valid area or section(mm²): Weight(g): Max operating pressure differentia: Proof pressure:
Mpa psi MPa psi
2SX030 -06 PT1/8 15 0.10 1.8 300 3.0 450
-08 PT1/4 295
2SH030 -06 PT1/8 20 0.18 3.0 300 2.0 300
-08 PT1/4 290
-06 PT1/8 3.0 0.33 6.0 300 1.0 150
-08 PT1/4 290
-06 PT1/8 4.0 0.55 10.0 300 0.5 75
-08 PT1/4 290
-06 PT1/8 6.0 1.10 12.0 300 0.1 15
-08 PT1/4 290
-10 PT3/8 3.0 0.34 6.1 600 3.0 450
-15 PT1/2 590
-10 PT3/8 4.0
0.55 10.0 600 2.0 300
-15 PT1/2 590
2S050 -10 PT3/8 5.0 0.83 15.0 600 1.0 150
-15 PT1/2 590
2SL050 -10 PT3/8 7.0 1.40
25.0 600 0.5 750
-15 PT1/2 590
-10 PT3/8 10.0 2.20 40.0 600 0.1
-15 PT1/2 590
① PT thread, NPT thread and G thread are available.
②The weight in the table is the terminal valve's weight, 2S150~250 series gormmet valve's weight is 10g less than terminal's. 2S320~500 series gormmet valve's weight is 20g less than terminal's.

Specification of coil:
Valve Type: Coil Type: Power Type: Frequency(Hz) Voltage Range Eletrical Entry Power Consumption(VA/W) Insulation Temperature Rise(℃)
2S□030 CDA116
AC 50 ±15% Terminal(CAD)
10.0VA Class B 35
60 8.0VA 30
DC - ±10% 6.5VA 30
2S□050 CDA170
AC 50 ±15% 25.0VA 60
60 22.0VA 55
DC - ±10% 10.5VA 40

Valve's Specification:

Acting: Internally Piloted
Initial Stats: Normally Closed
Adaptable Fluid: Air, Water, Oil
Viscosity Limit: Under 20CST
Ambient and Fluid Temperature(℃):
Water Air Oil Ambient
Max 80 90 80 70
Min 1 -20 -10 -20

Product Feature:

1.Indirect acting(Internal pilot) and normally closed type 2/2 way solenoid valve. Its can change direction quickly and has large flow.

2.It is compact, small and light weight. It is easy to install and dismantle;

3.The valve body is made of brass . The coil has a Heat resistance classification of Class B. The standard seal material is FPM-F. Please contact us if other material are required.

4.The protection class of the coil is IP65 and there is a choice for grommet or terminal electrical entry.

Installation & Usage:

1.Check whether the components have been damaged during transportation before installing and using.

2.Pay attention to whether the flow direction of air (notice “→” direction) and thread type are correct.

3.Please notice whether installation condition accords with technical requirements (such as “working  pressure” and “applied temperature range”);

4.Take measure to avoid vibration and frozen.

5.Before using the fittings and tubes make sure they are clean. When connecting tofittings, be sure the PTFE Thread Seal Tape is used correctly.

6.Keep the dust away. The dust cover shall be installed in intake and outlet when the device is dismantled and stored.

Order Code:

2S15015A Series.jpg

2S03006A 2S05015AI 2SX05010FIG 2SL03008BG 2SH03008C 2S40040EI
2S03006B 2S05015AIG 2SX05010FIT 2SL03008BT 2SH03008CG 2S40040EIG
2S03008A 2S05015AIT 2SX05015F 2SL03008BI 2SH03008CT 2S40040EIT
2S03008B 2SL05010A 2SX05015FG 2SL03008BIG 2SH03008CI 2S50050E
2S05010A 2SL05010AG 2SX05015FT 2SL03008BIT 2SH03008CIG 2S50050EG
2S05010B 2SL05010AT 2SX05015FI 2ST03006B 2SH03008CIT 2S50050ET
2S05015A 2SL05010AI 2SX05015FIG 2ST03006BG 2S03006CG 2S50050EI
2S05015B 2SL05010AIG 2SX05015FIT 2ST03006BT 2S03006CT 2S50050EIG
2S15015AG 2SL05010AIT 2SH05010F 2ST03006BI 2S03006CI 2S50050EIT
2S15015AT 2SL05015A 2SH05010FG 2ST03006BIG 2S03006CIG 2SX03006E
2S15015AI 2SL05015AG 2SH05010FT 2ST03006BIT 2S03006CIT 2SX03006EG
2S15015AIG 2SL05015AT 2SH05010FI 2ST03008B 2S03008CG 2SX03006ET
2S15015AIT 2SL05015AI 2SH05010FIG 2ST03008BG 2S03008CT 2SX03006EI
2S20020AG 2SL05015AIG 2SH05010FIT 2ST03008BT 2S03008CI 2SX03006EIG
2S20020AT 2SL05015AIT 2SH05015F 2ST03008BI 2S03008CIG 2SX03006EIT
2S20020AI 2ST05010A 2SH05015FG 2ST03008BIG 2S03008CIT 2SX03008E
2S20020AIG 2ST05010AG 2SH05015FT 2ST03008BIT 2SL03006C 2SX03008EG
2S20020AIT 2ST05010AT 2SH05015FI 2SX05010B 2SL03006CG 2SX03008ET
2S25025AG 2ST05010AI 2SH05015FIG 2SX05010BG 2SL03006CT 2SX03008EI
2S25025AT 2ST05010AIG 2SH05015FIT 2SX05010BT 2SL03006CI 2SX03008EIG
2S25025AI 2ST05010AIT 2S05010F 2SX05010BI 2SL03006CIG 2SX03008EIT
2S25025AIG 2ST05015A 2S05010FG 2SX05010BIG 2SL03006CIT 2SH03006E
2S25025AIT 2ST05015AG 2S05010FT 2SX05010BIT 2SL03008C 2SH03006EG
2S32032A 2ST05015AT 2S05010FI 2SX05015B 2SL03008CG 2SH03006ET
2S32032AG 2ST05015AI 2S05010FIG 2SX05015BG 2SL03008CT 2SH03006EI
2S32032AT 2ST05015AIG 2S05010FIT 2SX05015BT 2SL03008CI 2SH03006EIG
2S32032AI 2ST05015AIT 2S05015F 2SX05015BI 2SL03008CIG 2SH03006EIT
2S32032AIG 2S03006A. 2S05015FG 2SX05015BIG 2SL03008CIT 2SH03008E
2S32032AIT 2S03008A. 2S05015FT 2SX05015BIT 2ST03006C 2SH03008EG
2S40040A 2S05010A. 2S05015FI 2SH05010B 2ST03006CG 2SH03008ET
2S40040AG 2S15015F 2S05015FIG 2SH05010BG 2ST03006CT 2SH03008EI
2S40040AT 2S15015FG 2S05015FIT 2SH05010BT 2ST03006CI 2SH03008EIG
2S40040AI 2S15015FT 2SL05010F 2SH05010BI 2ST03006CIG 2SH03008EIT
2S40040AIG 2S15015FI 2SL05010FG 2SH05010BIG 2ST03006CIT 2S03006E
2S40040AIT 2S15015FIG 2SL05010FT 2SH05010BIT 2ST03008C 2S03006EG
2S50050A 2S15015FIT 2SL05010FI 2SH05015B 2ST03008CG 2S03006ET
2S50050AG 2S20020F 2SL05010FIG 2SH05015BG 2ST03008CT 2S03006EI
2S50050AT 2S20020FG 2SL05010FIT 2SH05015BT 2ST03008CI 2S03006EIG
2S50050AI 2S20020FT 2SL05015F 2SH05015BI 2ST03008CIG 2S03006EIT
2S50050AIG 2S20020FI 2SL05015FG 2SH05015BIG 2ST03008CIT 2S03008E
2S50050AIT 2S20020FIG 2SL05015FT 2SH05015BIT 2SX05010C 2S03008EG
2SX03006A 2S20020FIT 2SL05015FI 2S05010BG 2SX05010CG 2S03008ET
2SX03006AG 2S25025F 2SL05015FIG 2S05010BT 2SX05010CT 2S03008EI
2SX03006AT 2S25025FG 2SL05015FIT 2S05010BI 2SX05010CI 2S03008EIG
2SX03006AI 2S25025FT 2ST05010F 2S05010BIG 2SX05010CIG 2S03008EIT
2SX03006AIG 2S25025FI 2ST05010FG 2S05010BIT 2SX05010CIT 2SL03006E
2SX03006AIT 2S25025FIG 2ST05010FT 2S05015BG 2SX05015C 2SL03006EG
2SX03008A 2S25025FIT 2ST05010FI 2S05015BT 2SX05015CG 2SL03006ET
2SX03008AG 2S32032F 2ST05010FIG 2S05015BI 2SX05015CT 2SL03006EI
2SX03008AT 2S32032FG 2ST05010FIT 2S05015BIG 2SX05015CI 2SL03006EIG
2SX03008AI 2S32032FT 2ST05015F 2S05015BIT 2SX05015CIG 2SL03006EIT
2SX03008AIG 2S32032FI 2ST05015FG 2SL05010B 2SX05015CIT 2SL03008E
2SX03008AIT 2S32032FIG 2ST05015FT 2SL05010BG 2SH05010C 2SL03008EG
2SH03006A 2S32032FIT 2ST05015FI 2SL05010BT 2SH05010CG 2SL03008ET
2SH03006AG 2S40040F 2ST05015FIG 2SL05010BI 2SH05010CT 2SL03008EI
2SH03006AT 2S40040FG 2ST05015FIT 2SL05010BIG 2SH05010CI 2SL03008EIG
2SH03006AI 2S40040FT 2S15015BG 2SL05010BIT 2SH05010CIG 2SL03008EIT
2SH03006AIG 2S40040FI 2S15015BT 2SL05015B 2SH05010CIT 2ST03006E
2SH03006AIT 2S40040FIG 2S15015BI 2SL05015BG 2SH05015C 2ST03006EG
2SH03008A 2S40040FIT 2S15015BIG 2SL05015BT 2SH05015CG 2ST03006ET
2SH03008AG 2S50050F 2S15015BIT 2SL05015BI 2SH05015CT 2ST03006EI
2SH03008AT 2S50050FG 2S20020BG 2SL05015BIG 2SH05015CI 2ST03006EIG
2SH03008AI 2S50050FT 2S20020BT 2SL05015BIT 2SH05015CIG 2ST03006EIT
2SH03008AIG 2S50050FI 2S20020BI 2ST05010B 2SH05015CIT 2ST03008E
2SH03008AIT 2S50050FIG 2S20020BIG 2ST05010BG 2S05010CG 2ST03008EG
2S03006AG 2S50050FIT 2S20020BIT 2ST05010BT 2S05010CT 2ST03008ET
2S03006AT 2SX03006F 2S25025BG 2ST05010BI 2S05010CI 2ST03008EI
2S03006AI 2SX03006FG 2S25025BT 2ST05010BIG 2S05010CIG 2ST03008EIG
2S03006AIG 2SX03006FT 2S25025BI 2ST05010BIT 2S05010CIT 2ST03008EIT
2S03006AIT 2SX03006FI 2S25025BIG 2ST05015B 2S05015C 2SX05010E
2S03008AG 2SX03006FIG 2S25025BIT 2ST05015BG 2S05015CG 2SX05010EG
2S03008AT 2SX03006FIT 2S32032B 2ST05015BT 2S05015CT 2SX05010ET
2S03008AI 2SX03008F 2S32032BG 2ST05015BI 2S05015CI 2SX05010EI
2S03008AIG 2SX03008FG 2S32032BT 2ST05015BIG 2S05015CIG 2SX05010EIG
2S03008AIT 2SX03008FT 2S32032BI 2ST05015BIT 2S05015CIT 2SX05010EIT
2SL03006A 2SX03008FI 2S32032BIG 2S03006B. 2SL05010C 2SX05015E
2SL03006AG 2SX03008FIG 2S32032BIT 2S03008B. 2SL05010CG 2SX05015EG
2SL03006AT 2SX03008FIT 2S40040B 2S05010B. 2SL05010CT 2SX05015ET
2SL03006AI 2SH03006F 2S40040BG 2S15015CG 2SL05010CI 2SX05015EI
2SL03006AIG 2SH03006FG 2S40040BT 2S15015CT 2SL05010CIG 2SX05015EIG
2SL03006AIT 2SH03006FT 2S40040BI 2S15015CI 2SL05010CIT 2SX05015EIT
2SL03008A 2SH03006FI 2S40040BIG 2S15015CIG 2SL05015C 2SH05010E
2SL03008AG 2SH03006FIG 2S40040BIT 2S15015CIT 2SL05015CG 2SH05010EG
2SL03008AT 2SH03006FIT 2S50050B 2S20020CG 2SL05015CT 2SH05010ET
2SL03008AI 2SH03008F 2S50050BG 2S20020CT 2SL05015CI 2SH05010EI
2SL03008AIG 2SH03008FG 2S50050BT 2S20020CI 2SL05015CIG 2SH05010EIG
2SL03008AIT 2SH03008FT 2S50050BI 2S20020CIG 2SL05015CIT 2SH05010EIT
2ST03006A 2SH03008FI 2S50050BIG 2S20020CIT 2ST05010C 2SH05015E
2ST03006AG 2SH03008FIG 2S50050BIT 2S25025CG 2ST05010CG 2SH05015EG
2ST03006AT 2SH03008FIT 2SX03006B 2S25025CT 2ST05010CT 2SH05015ET
2ST03006AI 2S03006F 2SX03006BG 2S25025CI 2ST05010CI 2SH05015EI
2ST03006AIG 2S03006FG 2SX03006BT 2S25025CIG 2ST05010CIG 2SH05015EIG
2ST03006AIT 2S03006FT 2SX03006BI 2S25025CIT 2ST05010CIT 2SH05015EIT
2ST03008A 2S03006FI 2SX03006BIG 2S32032C 2ST05015C 2S05010E
2ST03008AG 2S03006FIG 2SX03006BIT 2S32032CG 2ST05015CG 2S05010EG
2ST03008AT 2S03006FIT 2SX03008B 2S32032CT 2ST05015CT 2S05010ET
2ST03008AI 2S03008F 2SX03008BG 2S32032CI 2ST05015CI 2S05010EI
2ST03008AIG 2S03008FG 2SX03008BT 2S32032CIG 2ST05015CIG 2S05010EIG
2ST03008AIT 2S03008FT 2SX03008BI 2S32032CIT 2ST05015CIT 2S05010EIT
2SX05010A 2S03008FI 2SX03008BIG 2S40040C 2S03006C 2S05015E
2SX05010AG 2S03008FIG 2SX03008BIT 2S40040CG 2S03008C 2S05015EG
2SX05010AT 2S03008FIT 2SH03006B 2S40040CT 2S05010C 2S05015ET
2SX05010AI 2SL03006F 2SH03006BG 2S40040CI 2S15015E 2S05015EI
2SX05010AIG 2SL03006FG 2SH03006BT 2S40040CIG 2S15015EG 2S05015EIG
2SX05010AIT 2SL03006FT 2SH03006BI 2S40040CIT 2S15015ET 2S05015EIT
2SX05015A 2SL03006FI 2SH03006BIG 2S50050C 2S15015EI 2SL05010E
2SX05015AG 2SL03006FIG 2SH03006BIT 2S50050CG 2S15015EIG 2SL05010EG
2SX05015AT 2SL03006FIT 2SH03008B 2S50050CT 2S15015EIT 2SL05010ET
2SX05015AI 2SL03008F 2SH03008BG 2S50050CI 2S20020E 2SL05010EI
2SX05015AIG 2SL03008FG 2SH03008BT 2S50050CIG 2S20020EG 2SL05010EIG
2SX05015AIT 2SL03008FT 2SH03008BI 2S50050CIT 2S20020ET 2SL05010EIT
2SH05010A 2SL03008FI 2SH03008BIG 2SX03006C 2S20020EI 2SL05015E
2SH05010AG 2SL03008FIG 2SH03008BIT 2SX03006CG 2S20020EIG 2SL05015EG
2SH05010AT 2SL03008FIT 2S03006BG 2SX03006CT 2S20020EIT 2SL05015ET
2SH05010AI 2ST03006F 2S03006BT 2SX03006CI 2S25025E 2SL05015EI
2SH05010AIG 2ST03006FG 2S03006BI 2SX03006CIG 2S25025EG 2SL05015EIG
2SH05010AIT 2ST03006FT 2S03006BIG 2SX03006CIT 2S25025ET 2SL05015EIT
2SH05015A 2ST03006FI 2S03006BIT 2SX03008C 2S25025EI 2ST05010E
2SH05015AG 2ST03006FIG 2S03008BG 2SX03008CG 2S25025EIG 2ST05010EG
2SH05015AT 2ST03006FIT 2S03008BT 2SX03008CT 2S25025EIT 2ST05010ET
2SH05015AI 2ST03008F 2S03008BI 2SX03008CI 2S32032E 2ST05010EI
2SH05015AIG 2ST03008FG 2S03008BIG 2SX03008CIG 2S32032EG 2ST05010EIG
2SH05015AIT 2ST03008FT 2S03008BIT 2SX03008CIT 2S32032ET 2ST05010EIT
2S05010AG 2ST03008FI 2SL03006B 2SH03006C 2S32032EI 2ST05015E
2S05010AT 2ST03008FIG 2SL03006BG 2SH03006CG 2S32032EIG 2ST05015EG
2S05010AI 2ST03008FIT 2SL03006BT 2SH03006CT 2S32032EIT 2ST05015ET
2S05010AIG 2SX05010F 2SL03006BI 2SH03006CI 2S40040E 2ST05015EI
2S05010AIT 2SX05010FG 2SL03006BIG 2SH03006CIG 2S40040EG 2ST05015EIG
2S05015AG 2SX05010FT 2SL03006BIT 2SH03006CIT 2S40040ET 2ST05015EIT
2S05015AT 2SX05010FI 2SL03008B
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