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airtac Solenoid Valves.jpg AirTAC Company was first established in 1989. AirTAC International group is a manufacturer of Pneumatic valves, Actuators, Process Valves and Air Prep Products.


AirTAC one of the most popular pneumatic component manufacturers in the world. In Asia, three magnificent production bases have already been established. AirTAC is highly recommended by numerous customers from different industries by our economic pricing, durability, trustworthiness, and diversified product range, which provide our customers with really reliable and competitive supply sources. 

AirTAC Manual Valves:
AirTAC Foot Pedal-4F Series
AirTAC Foot Pedal-3F Series
AirTAC Hand Levers:
AirTAC 4H Series
AirTAC Rotary Lever Hand Valves:
AirTAC 4HV Series
AirTAC Push Pull Manual Valves:
AirTAC 3L Series
AirTAC 4L Series

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AirTAC Solenoid Valves-2 Way:
AirTac 2V Series
AirTAC Solenoid Valves-3 Way:
AirTAC 3V Series
AirTAC Solenoid Valves-4 Way:
AirTAC 4V Series
AirTAC Air Pilot Valves:
AirTAC 4A Series
AirTAC Manifolds:
AirTAC 100 Series-1/8 Ports
AirTAC 200 Series-1/4 Ports
AirTAC 300 Series-3/8 Ports
AirTAC 400 Series-1/2 Ports

AirTAC Miniature Mechanical Valves-3 Way:
Selector Switch--AirTAC S3HS Series
Push Button Flat--AirTAC S3PF Series
Push Button Latching--AirTAC S3PL Series
Push Button Protruding—AirTAC S3PP Series
Lever Operated—AirTAC S3HL Series
Cam Operated—AirTAC S3B Series
Roller Operated—AirTAC S3L + S3R Series
Vertical Cam Roller—AirTAC S3V Series

AirTAC Filter Regulators:

AirTAC FRLs 3 Pc Unit GC300 Series
AirTAC FRLs 2 Pc Unit GFC 300 Series
AirTAC Filter Regulators GFR 300 Series
AirTAC Regulators GR 300 Series
AirTAC Filters GF 300 Series
AirTAC Lubrictors GL 300 Series
AirTAC Mini Regulators SR 200 Series

solenoid valve.JPG
Fitsi cylinder.jpg

AirTAC Cylinders:

AirTAC ISO 6431 Profile Cylinders
AirTAC Tierod Cylinders
AirTAC Lockable Cylinders
AirTAC Pen Cylinders
AirTAC Mini Cylinders
AirTAC Compact Cylinders
AirTAC Stopper Cylinders
AirTAC Twin Cylinders
AirTAC Tri-Rod Cylinders

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