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The electromagnetic valve industry should pay attention to cultivate the ability to stand
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xw.jpgWith the progress of science and technology and development, and constantly improve the social and economic development speed, competition in this industry is also increasingly fierce, the valve industry in China after decades of development, in product research and development, performance, quality, reliability, service has made great progress. The electromagnetic valve industry is developing in the direction of high automation, intelligence, multi-function, high efficiency and low consumption, which has become a must-have for many industries.

The strong demand for the solenoid valve product market benefits from these aspects. Continuous and stable development of state economy, investment in fixed assets gradually expanded, especially several century project "west-east gas", "China" and "water" project construction needs a large amount of valve product of form a complete set; In addition, our country is faced with the advent of the era of industrialization, the department of department of petrochemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and urban construction using a large valve will increase the demand for electromagnetic valve products. In the period of the 11th five-year plan period, the total quantity of valves required for the large and medium-sized construction projects of the power industry in the power industry is: the total demand of the valve is 153,000 tons, and the annual average demand is 3.06 million tons; The total demand of the valve was 3.96 billion yuan, with an annual average demand of 792 million yuan. And according to the average annual growth rate of 20%, during the period of "twelfth five-year" valve total demand for 265600 tons, annual demand for 53200 tons, valve total demand for 6.64 billion yuan, 1.328 billion yuan is the annual demand.

At present, the electromagnetic valve industry internal competition. There may be several reasons for the intensification of intra-industry competition. One is the slow growth of the industry and the fierce competition for market share. Second, the number of competitors is more, the competitive force is equal; Third, the products or services provided by competitors are roughly the same, or there are few obvious differences. The fourth is that some enterprises expand production scale for the benefit of scale economy, the market equilibrium is broken, the products are overabundant, and enterprises start to resort to the price reduction.

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