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High Pressure Solenoid Valve Acting Type: Normally Open and Normally Closed
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Fitsi 3V & 4V Solenoid Valves.jpg A system requiring the services of a solenoid valve should consider the activation process for their valve. There are also some industrial processes, such as high pressure systems that need to consider particularly long and hard since more is at stake in a high pressure environment. For example, any system dealing with natural gas or petroleum needs to be leak proof as well as high pressure for environmental reasons, while the water-systems in place in schools and other buildings for fire-protection must be high pressure and safe because lives depend on it functioning. Whether a solenoid valve is activated by an electrical charge or is pressure activated is something that each individual application must consider carefully.

Depending on the substance, the rate of flow and the size of the system, a normally open or normally closed system is going to suit a specific system better. A normally open system is designed to constrict flow when the solenoid valve is activated, while a normally closed system opens to release the flow of substance when the valve is activated. Both of these systems utilize a plunger element to achieve the blockage or release of the blockage, and must also have a leak-resistant seal in place.

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After a company decides they want a normally open system, they must then decide how they want to activate its closing mechanism. As with every other element of solenoid valves, choosing this aspect depends heavily on the application. Manufacturing companies employing high pressure solenoid valves may desire an electronically controlled valve for very specific purposes on a timed schedule, instead of needing a solenoid valve to control itself within a continuous system. The amount of control necessary for the system plays a large part in whether or not an electrical or pressure-released valve is necessary.

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